What are D-Groups?

Discipleship Groups or (D-Groups) are small groups that meet on Sunday mornings and occasionally during the week. Each D-Group is divided by life stage and seeks to grow in faith through regular Bible study, prayer, and encouragement. 

Discipleship serves a vital role for our growth in Christlikeness. As followers of Christ, we need to be creating and maintaining close relationships with other believers that will help us follow Jesus more faithfully. At Fairlawn, we seek to provide a place for these relationships to begin and thrive in our Discipleship Groups.  


Potter's Clay

D-Group Leaders: Clay & Mariah Miller

Age Stage: 18-25

Meets in room 120 @ 9 AM

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United for Christ

D-Group Leaders: Isaac & Emily Bixler

Age Stage: 18-30

Meets in room 105 @ 9 AM

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D-Group Leaders: Darren & Carmen Schrock

Age Stage: 30-40

Meets in room 202 @ 9 AM

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Salt (Serving and Learning Together)

D-Group Leaders: Matt & Katie Ramseyer

Age Stage: 40-55

Meets in room 107/108 @ 9 AM

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D-Group Leaders: Robert & Christa Hersberger

Age Stage: 40-55

Meets in room 109 @ 9 AM

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SWAT (Seeking Wisdom and Truth)

D-Group Leaders: Barry & Tena Gerber

Age Stage: 50-60

Meets in room 110 (Conference Room) @ 9 AM


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D-Group Leaders: Ron & Jane Smucker

Age Stage: 65+

Meets in room 106 @ 9 AM

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OASIS (Offer Accept Show Invest Serve)

D-Group Leaders: Ryan & Brianna Eberly 

Age Stage: 25-30

Meets in room 202 @ 10:30 AM

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D-Group Leaders: Nate & Katelyn Shultz

Age Stage: 30-40

Meets in room 107/108 @ 10:30 AM

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D-Group Leaders: Julian & Brenda Coblentz

Age Stage: 35-45

Meets in room 110 (Conference Room) @ 10:30 AM 

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D-Group Leaders: Steve & Lisa Widmer

Age Stage: 40-50

Meets in room 120 @ 10:30 AM 

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No Limits

D-Group Leaders: Ed & Betty Miller

Age Stage: 50-60

Meets in room 106 @ 10:30 AM

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TNT (Tried N True)

D-Group Leaders: Vernon & Esther Hochstetler

Age Stage: 60+

Meets in room 109 @ 10:30 AM 

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Latino Connection

D-Group Leaders: Nixon & Rhonda Jarquin

Meets in room 119 @ 10:30 AM

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